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Project Description

Engineering Made Easy

STG Machine can help you design a brand new part or have a part made from a drawing you have created. We have professional engineers who can create drawings and parts for you in AutoCAD, Fusion 360 and Solidworks. Simply contact us and we can help bring your ideas to life.

Designing A Part

STG Machine can start from scratch or from a preexisting drawing and create a CAD model that meets your specifications.

Making An Assembly

STG Machine can place multiple parts into an assembly so you can see how each part will interact and mate together.

Assembly Simulations

STG Machine can run motion simulation analysis on assemblies to resemble and predict part functionality.

Part Analysis

STG Machine offers a variety of services related to flexural rigidity, motion simulation, deformation and FEA.

Elegant Designs

Strong Brand

STG Machine stands behind its products 100%. We never ship a part out the door that doesn’t meet the customers’ requirements.

Excellent Results

STG Machine produces some of the most complex parts and does so with one of the highest ratings of customer satisfaction among manufacturers.