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Project Description


It doesn’t matter if you have a drawing or just an idea, our engineers can work with you to help you bring your product to life. Simply call us or stop by our office to speak to an engineer today.


Our engineers will work with you to make a CAD model of your design so you can see it and analyze it. STG Machine’s sophisticated software can help you precisely determine the physical properties necessary for its intended use.


Upon approval of the design, STG Machine can help you work with production and quality engineers to determine the manufacturability of your part. We can then import your design into one of our machines to make it a reality.

Advance Tooling

The Skills Needed To Produce Excellence


Our engineers work together to make an initial design that meets your specifications.


We generate a CAD version of your idea so you can see what your part will look like and how your part will perform.


After approval, we take the CAD model and start applying tools to it through our CAM software.


STG Machine then starts the manufacturing process we are so famous for.