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Project Description

Project Brief

This platform piece perfectly outlines the turning capabilities achievable by STG Machine. This design was mass produced in a short period of time with a tolerance of +/- .005 inches for all dimensions.


Other Turning Work

Skills Needed

In order to make high precision parts, STG Machine exhibits perfect engineering practices from the planning phase all the way through to the end. From the initial design to producing and inspecting the final part, STG Machine has all of the tools and equipment necessary to bring complex designs to life.

Project Planning 98%
Solidworks Design 92%
HSM Works Programming 98%
Machining 98%

Strong Brand

STG Machine stands behind its products 100%. We never ship a part out the door that doesn’t meet the customers’ requirements.

Excellent Results

STG Machine produces some of the most complex parts and does so with one of the highest ratings of customer satisfaction among manufacturers.