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Category: Hardware

Drill and Tap Chart

We decided to make a drill chart for our followers! This chart breaks down all major standard and metric drill sizes with roll and cut tap options. Simply fill out

How to Make a Pipe Thread

Making a pipe thread is easier than people believe, but it is important to perfect a few details. The way they are manufactured is very similar to that of a

How to Fix a Stripped Thread

Threads are present in practically every manufactured part. However, overuse or poor installation techniques can cause permanent damage to a thread. Unfortunately there is no easy fix, and you may

Basic Principles for Manufacturing a Thread

Threads have always been a very common and popular manufacturing requirement. There are many different types of thread callouts and an equal amount of ways to manufacture them. However, understanding

What is a Thread?

A thread is a helical form designed and engineered for the purpose of fastening and retaining components. There are many different types of threads, and knowing some basic terms in

Different Types of Key Inserts

STG Machine has covered many topics related to key inserts, so we thought it would be helpful to explain the different types of key inserts available. This article does not

How do Key Inserts Work

We have published an article on the differences between key inserts and helicoils, but we have yet to cover the basics of how key inserts work.  As mentioned before, key

How to Install a Key Insert

Here is a quick rundown of how to install key inserts otherwise known as key locking inserts For information on how to remove a key insert, please find our article

How to Remove Key Inserts

STG Machine has published a few articles on key inserts, so we thought it would be helpful to share how to remove key inserts. Removing inserts is not the most

Difference Between a Key Insert and a Helicoil

We have published a few articles pertaining to helicoils, how to install them and how to remove them. However, key inserts provide an alternative to helicoils and they have their

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