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Drill and Tap Chart

By STG Machine

We decided to make a drill chart for our followers! This chart breaks down all major standard and metric drill sizes with roll and cut tap options. Simply fill out the form below and an email with the chart will be sent to you.

What our Drill and Tap Chart Provides

Most charts feature some of this information, but usually not everything that we include. Our chart features a conversion table on the left hand side for most standard and metric sizes. The right hand side features recommended drill sizes for roll and cut taps. In addition to this there is a table with recommended drill sizes for NPT threads. All of this information can be found in a machinist handbook, but it is quite helpful to have everything in once place. We hope that you enjoy this and if you would like anything changed simply leave a comment. Additional articles pertaining to what is a roll tap, what is a cut tap, or how to manufacture a thread can be found from the links above.

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