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How to Chase a Tapped Hole

By STG Machine

Threads are an essential aspect of any part, and sometimes they may need to be touched up. Threads can get damaged very quickly and easily, and you have multiple options when it comes to repairing them. The easiest and most convenient way to fix a thread is to re-chase a tapped hole.


  1. Tap
  2. Straight tap wrench or T-handle tap wrench
  3. Tap Magic
  4. Prototrak (optional)
  5. Spring Center Tool (optional)

Align the part up in a vice making sure that it is square to you or your prototrak. Insert the tap into the tap wrench and tighten accordingly. Once it is secure, generously apply the tap magic around the threads. Slowly insert the tap into the hole and begin hand taping the thread. You may need additional force behind the tap in order to chase the hole. If this is the case, you can utilize a spring center tool placed inside of the spindle of your prototrak. Simply drop the z-axis and apply downward pressure onto the back of the tap wrench, and then begin re-chasing your tapped hole!

Oftentimes the beginning portion of a thread is badly damaged and it is difficult to re-chase the hole. We have found out that chasing the thread from the bottom side and working your way through the part will help out tremendously. Obviously this option is not available if the tapped hole is not a through hole.

As we have mentioned in other blog posts, helicoils and key inserts are also spectacular tools to use when repairing a thread is not an option. Installing these pieces of hardware will take a bit more time, but if the thread cannot be repaired it may be your best option.

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