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How to Install a Key Insert

By STG Machine

Here is a quick rundown of how to install key inserts otherwise known as key locking inserts

  1. Countersink, drill and tap according to the key insert manufacturer specs. All key insert manufacturers should have tables on what size drill and tap to use. All key inserts use standard drill and tap sizes. You will not be required to purchase any special tooling.
  2. Install the key insert until it is .010’’ – .030’’ (typically 1-3 turns) below to surface. You can usually do this by hand, but if you can’t then use an installation tool. Installation tools should be provided with your hardware or they can be purchased through your hardware retailer.
  3. Lock the keys in place by putting the installation tool on top of the keys and gently hit it with a hammer a few times. 
  4. Check that the keys are fully pressed into the part. Run a screw in and out of the key insert to ensure that it works properly.

For information on how to remove a key insert, please find our article on it here.

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