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How to Install Dowel Pins

By STG Machine October 9, 2019 No Comment

Installing metal dowel pins into objects can be a difficult task, but STG Machine is here to help! Please read below for details on how to properly install a dowel pin

Tools Needed:

In order to properly install a metal dowel pin you will need the following items:

Process of Installing Dowel Pins:

    1. Prepare the material: Make sure the holes are clean and the right size for the dowel pins you are installing. They may be cleaned out with alcohol and make sure that the part is put on a clean working surface. Please reference our guide for additional details on how large a pin hole diameter should be.
    2. Set Up: Square up your material to be directly underneath the arbor press or prototrak. Make sure everything is in a perfectly vertical line to prevent any deflection. Line up your gage blocks around the hole that you will be installing the pin into. Make sure that the gage blocks do not interfere with the hole, but do not put them too far away otherwise they will not stop the element pressing the pin into the hole. The gage blocks will serve as your stopping point for how for down to press the pin into the hole. For example if you have a 1’’ pin and you want the pin to stick out .500’’, you will need to get a .500’’ gage block.
    3. Alignment: Now that your material is properly squared up you will be installing the dowel pin into the hole. Make sure that your dowel pins are clean and align it in the hole. Gently take your arbor press or prototrak and drop the -Z- height of the machine until you bottom out on your gage block. Go slowly and do not press to firmly otherwise you risk damaging the pin or the part. If your pin is extremely small or if the hole is too tight you may need to construct a fixture to assist you in the installation process.

Tips and Tricks:

STG Machine has a few tips and tricks to offer you in regards to installing dowel pins. Over the years we have seen it all, and many things can go wrong when you are trying to install dowel pins.

For Instance always be careful what type of lubricant you are using while installing a dowel pin. At STG Machine we always use alcohol when installing pins, but some customers may allow you to use an organic lubricant to assist in the installation process. Always make sure to check with your end user for what is acceptable.

On the other hand sometimes your dowel pin may be to small for the hole that you are installing it into. This can be problematic as the pin will just fall right down into the hole instead of being a true press fit. To remedy this situation we recommend either knurling the bottom of the pin or making a custom shoulder pin if approved by the end user. By knurling the bottom of the pin you are creating a raised surface that will give the pin a larger surface of contact.

In conclusion, we hope that you have enjoyed our brief outline of how to properly install a dowel pin, and if you have any questions please leave a comment down below. For more information please refer to our ultimate dowel pin guide!

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